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Selling print: show, don’t tell!

Selling print, it’s something special. I’ve seen all kinds of print salespeople, from printers who excelled at networking and sold their products this way, to the complete opposite: pure online sales. Whether the one or […]

Strategic Insights

XCMYK vs CMYK: here’s your business case

XCMYK is a rather simple method to produce an ‘expanded’ gamut with your standard printing inks on your standard, four-color printing press. You only need FM-screening, or another non-traditional screening, and a higher ink density. Although it seems an exciting technology, I recently found that it’s tough to find a printer using it. Which is a shame: there is definitely a business case for this. […]

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Neurological research: print vs. digital

With the rise of digital information, digital communication, our way of reading, our way of consuming information has changed. And screens are not a 100% exact substitute for paper: our brain sees them differently. Let’s […]

Product & Solutions Analysis

XCMYK: regular CMYK gets a boost

Over the last few decades, print has seen a significant increase in quality. Just go to your bookshelf and take a look at an old book with color pictures to see it with your own […]

Strategic Insights

A marketers cry for help?

Getting Media Right, that’s the title of a new report by Kantar Millward Brown. As usual, the report offers great insights. But even more: if you read between the lines, there is a cry for […]