Strategic Insights

An Implosion of Trust – what companies can and should do

It’s 2017 and especially today we are fully aware of the fact that the world has changed. Significantly. And it shows in the annual Edelman Trust Barometer. Trust has imploded, that’s the very short summary. But the Trust Barometer also has advice how to change the world for the better….

Can you name this color? And can you remember it correctly?

When you are designing a brand logo, you want to create a logo that can easily be remembered. When judging print, you want everything within tight tolerances, to preserve that unique brand color. But our color memory seems to think quite different about unique colors… Color is something very complex…

The Cloud is great, but you need a plan B

I love ‘the cloud’! It’s really great! But there is one thing you shouldn’t forget: you always need a plan B… When Office 365 became available, we switched our e-mail server off for eternity. A few years later, when both prices and maximum storage amounts became reasonable, we planned to…